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Surface Etching and Engraving on Crystal

Classic and Timeless

Crystal Sensations offers world class surface sand etching and our etching is deep! Our crystal is great when combined with our 3D sub-surface laser engraving process.

This traditional process adds depth and texture to your crystal, and is a great way to add personalization to any project. Jazz it up with meticulously hand painted detail.

Our crystal artisans work with your project from start to finish to ensure that all the details are accurate to your design. They combine computer aided design with traditional engraving techniques to produce superior works of art. Logos and other art files should be sent as vector outlined images for this process to ensure the best results.

[Photo at right] Personalized surface etching combined with sub-surface engraving.

Multi-Stage Etching

Surface etching can be separated into several stages to add depth and shadows to your design. This sophisticated process comes at a premium, but results in an effect that is particularly refined. Similar to bas relief, this process is executed on the rear surface of a crystal with the relief of the image being shown, and the interior frosted.
To fill or not to fill...

Surface etching can be executed two ways: using the image outlines as guides for the surface engraving, or inverting it and leaving outline areas as is by engraving the negative space. The image below shows the differences between positive and negative engravings.
[Top photo] Left - Outlines are etched; Right - Negative space is etched
[Bottom photo] Bombay Sapphire custom engraved diamond award