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Full Color Images On Crystal

Presenting full color and white images onto or within crystal is a versatile way to incorporate imagery into your designs. MicroResolution™ is capable of producing straight borders, complex vector outlines and full gradient color.

Some interesting applications for this process include incorporating graphic color artwork onto the crystal as a compliment to the sub-surface engraved design. Using an optical illusion of a 3D image, combined with MicroResolution creates an additional dimension and vibrancy within the crystal.
[Photo at right] MicroResolution™ with a complex vector border
MicroResolution™ Applications
This Ontario Policing award's emblem and text is entirely presented within our V-Groove crystal, creating the illusion of complex color within crystal.

Using only MicroResolution™ in your project design is a cost effective way to create a dramatic impact for the recipient.

Compared to hand painted surface etching, MicroResolution is a cost effective method which should be considered, particularly if the design or source files have gradient color or multiple overlapping colors.

With care, your crystal will look great forever.

Crystal is glass and should be treated as such. Care should always be exercised in its handling. To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water. Use a glass cleaner product such as Windex* if necessary, only on sub-surface engravings. Dry with a dust free cloth. The interior of your crystal will always stay pristine and as vibrant as the day you received it.

Sub-surface engraving is permanent, lasting as long as the crystal is intact. Guaranteed never to discolour or fade, you can be sure that your crystal will look exactly the same years later.

*Do not use any liquid for cleaning on crystals featuring MicroResolution™, or hand painted surface etching. Use a dry soft cloth for these applications. Crystal Sensations© does not replace damaged product caused by improper cleaning or handling.