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Canadian National Squash Championship 2013
May 2013

Crystal Sensations was proud to be the primary sponsor of the Canadian National Squash Championship. In May 2013 hundreds of Squash Players from all over Canada came to Markham, Ontario's Mayfair Club to compete for the title of Canadian National Champion.

Photographed Above; Samantha Cornett Women's National Champion.
Photographed Below from left to right; Andrew Schnell 3rd, Richard Yendell Tournament Director, Shawn Delierre National Champion, Miles Bocknek President of Crystal Sensations, Dane Sharp 2nd, Danny DaCosta Executive Director Squash Canada.

TransAm Racing Series
October 2012

Crystal Sensations is proud to announce it's role as the Awards Supplier for the TransAm Racing Series. We have created these unique blown glass sculptures and incorporated them into state of the art breathtaking trophies. These trophies have taken the TransAm Racing Series by storm! Raising the bar for trophies yet again, Crystal Sensations is the only choice for high profile Awards.

Google Glass
July 2012

On July 27th, 2012 during the opening keynote of I/O developer's conference, Google's co-founder Sergey Brin surprised media and the world with a demo of the company's Google Glass Project. Greeted with much fan-fare by the audience, they were amazed by an impressive group of skydivers jumping from a blimp and landing on the conference center wearing the Google Glasses.

Attendees to the conference were taken aback when they were offered the opportunity to pre-order a Google Glass "Explorer Edition" test unit. Crystal Sensations© created serialized crystals to serve as vouchers and commemorative gifts for those who subscribed. Each crystal rectangle featured the unique identifying number of the Google Glass unit ordered.

Bombay Sapphire© Bartending Awards
July 2012

This dual color custom crystal award recognized top talent and creativity amongst international bartenders. It combines the iconic Bombay Sapphire bottle in full 3D with realistic lighting and shading, complimented with exceptional engraving and hand painted gold and silver details.

JUNO Award Statuette
April 2012

Crystal Sensations was selected to design and manufacture the coveted JUNO Awards Statuette for CARAS, (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). The Canadian Music Awards have recognized top talent in the Canadian Music Industry for 42 years. They have recognized international sensations like Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Katy Perry, Adele, and many more.