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3D Crystal Engraving

How is it done?
2D and 3D designs are created using specialized software, and the detail of these designs are converted to create x-y-z coordinate dots for crystal engraving. The secret to having amazing ZingTeam quality imaging within the crystal is having talented artists with knowledge and expertise in how best to create aesthetically pleasing results. This is where the ZingTeam at Crystal Sensations differentiates itself from all others.
The detail in our work is so much sharper and clearer.

Once a file has been created, laser energy, containing tremendous heat at its focal point, is induced into the crystal, vaporizing the crystal at each coordinate point. As the laser is moved within the crystal, injecting engraved points with micron precision, and with unimaginable speed, the image begins to take form. The outer surface however, remains unmarked. Another great competitive advantage that Crystal Sensations has is that the technology utilized is proprietary and of the highest quality, thus ensuring the most accurate image reproduction to be found anywhere.


Crystal Sensations offers a unique process called TrueTone™, enabling photo-realism, using contrast and dimensionality in crystal, beyond anything ever imagined before. Any design, photo, animal, human form, or product can be engraved with stunning realism.

Optical Crystal

Optical Crystal is glass with all impurities removed. It is the same type of glass that is used to make photographic, telescopic and microscopic lenses.

At the raw material stage there are different grades produced from batch to batch. Only the highest grade is chosen for Crystal Sensations products as this material is free of any impurities, and sparkles when polished to our specifications. Optical crystal is lead free.

Crystal Sensations has unique finishing capabilities, which enables us to offer
larger sizes than other manufacturers. Optical crystal awards are the ultimate expression of excellence and an ideal way to recognize achievement, express appreciation and promote branding.

Get the experts involved

You know what you want, however, you may not know exactly how to take your vision and translate that vision into a medium such as optical crystal.

Unlike traditional print media where you render your final files to send to the manufacturer, we'll help you by interpreting the details of creating complex and detailed art work files. Simply send us your images and design ideas and we will produce the 3D files necessary to execute your vision, keeping within the very technical parameters required to laser engrave inside the optical crystal.

Depending on the complexity of your design, and the quality of sources files provided, design charges can vary. These charges are always included in our quotes. Contact us to learn more about design assistance.

Custom design charges may be reduced by providing 3D files such as CAD or sketch-up drawings, and by ensuring that all 2D images are vector outlined files. Saving files as outlines ensures that particular fonts will no longer be needed as the font is converted properly.
With care, your crystal will look great forever.

Crystal is glass and should be treated as such. Care should always be exercised in its handling. To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water. Use a glass cleaner product such as Windex* if necessary. Dry with a dust free cloth. The interior of your crystal will always stay pristine and as vibrant as the day you received it.

Sub-surface engraving is permanent, lasting as long as the crystal is intact. Guaranteed never to discolour or fade, you can be sure that your crystal will look exactly the same years later.
*Do not use any liquid for cleaning on crystals featuring MicroResolution™, or hand painted surface etching. Use a dry soft cloth for these applications. Crystal Sensations© does not replace damaged product caused by improper cleaning or handling.