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Supplying Quality Crystal Engraving For Over Fifteen Years!
Crystal Sensations® Vision

To be the “best in class” design, manufacturing & customer service facility for all aspects of our business.

To accomplish this through the spirit of cooperation and consultation.

To deliver this through our Guiding Principles and by leveraging our Core Values against the needs of our clients.

Crystal Sensations® Core Values

Respectful to all.

Dependable and Reliable.

Honesty in all that we communicate and create.

Open-minded as we listen to our clients.

Motivated to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Crystal Sensations® Guiding Principles

INTEGRITY in everything we communicate and do.

MANAGEMENT by fact in all aspects of our business.

PROACTIVE project management from inception to completion.

ACCOUNTABLE to our clients for every endavour we undertake on their behalf.

COMMITMENT to conduct business in an equitable and fair manner with all clients.

TRUST as the foundation for all of our relationships.

With a 5 Star supplier rating from ASI distributors, and an A+ supplier rating from SAGE distributors, Crystal Sensations® is uniquely positioned to deliver the most amaZing results of any crystal manufacturer.

Crystal Sensations® offers a unique process called TrueTone™, enabling photo-realism, using contrast and dimensionality in crystal, beyond anything ever imagined before. Any design, photo, animal, human form, or product can be engraved with stunning realism.

We have the ability to create customized 3D themes from a stock library of over 25,000 images. Our creative team can also produce highly customized and unique works of art. What makes our product offering most appealing, is the diverse range of crystal shapes, sizes and unique manufacturing processes.

We offer 3D engraved images within optical crystal. Also available are hand-etched and hand-painted works of art and our ability to show full gradient color capture within the crystal medium.

From design to completion, all stages of production are handled in-house at our North American facilities, thus ensuring the highest level of quality control throughout the manufacturing of every project.

Put Crystal Sensations® to work for you. Let us create our amaZing magic for the moments that are forever cherished!

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